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Wholesale PVC ValvesContractors and commercial resellers throughout the United States looking for a reliable source of PVC valves and CPVC valves are likely to appreciate a convenient online supplier that ships quickly throughout the country. Common applications for PVC water valves include wastewater treatment plants, swimming pools, water parks, aquariums, chemical stations, irrigation systems and more. We strive to provide the absolute lowest prices on PVC and CPVC wholesale valves to meet all your needs.

Top Industrial Valve Types

Ball Valves – Comprising both compact ball valves as well as true union ball valves in either PVC or CPVC material. All of our PVC ball valves are rated to handle materials up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 150 psi (or higher). CPVC ball valves are rated for temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and come in the same sizes.

  • Compact ball valves are single piece items manufactured with either threaded ends or glue style socket weld ends. These are economical, but must be cut out to replace.
  • PVC true union ball valves are preferred in many applications due to their ability to be unscrewed from the sections connecting them to pipe. This allows you to check out the body of the valve and clean or replace if needed. True union ball valves, sometimes called double union ball valves, are very popular for industrial uses.

Gate Valves – A sliding gate incorporated into gate valves allows for the adjustment of flow at cross sections in your system. A handle is turned to raise or lower the “gate” or “disk”. PVC gate valves are usually used for on and off flow control where the stem may be rising or non-rising.

Check Valves – Designed to prevent backflow and available in two main styles, PVC check valves are one of the most commonly used valves in industrial applications. The swing check valve utilizes a flap that will allow fluids to pass in one direction but will close once the flow has stopped to prevent a reversal of flow. Another style is the ball check valve, which utilizes a spherical shaped piece of PVC that blocks flow when it goes the wrong direction. Both PVC and CPVC check valves are marked with an arrow to indicate the direction of flow.

Butterfly Valves – Also available in CPVC material, PVC butterfly valves provide a large amount of flexibility to a piping system due to their wide range of sizes and options which include either lever handles, actuators, or gear operators to allow the valve to open or close. While these are typically used for on/off applications, they can be used to make rough adjustments to flow rate and throttle your open and close functions to create a gradual, controlled flow change.



Discount Wholesale Prices for Commercial Buyers

Industrial Supply House offers top of the line PVC pipe valves and CPVC valve products from top manufacturers including Georg Fischer, Spears, and Cepex, as well as lesser known, quality economic options. With years of combined sales experience and a business presence since 2009, we can provide fast shipping to commercial buyers and contractors throughout the US.

Looking for more options? Our wholesale partners offer a wide range of Valves at Wholesale prices. For retail quantities and options, visit our retail valve supplier.