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Wholesale PVC PipeIf you are a contractor doing residential or commercial PVC pipe work, then you know how important it is to keep your PVC pipe supply topped off. That’s especially true when PVC water supply pipe is a major component of your business, like commercial pool contractors and construction managers.

Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC pipe is ideal for plumbing and irrigation water lines running cold water. PVC pipe can only be used for cold liquids, and is therefore generally against code for hot water jobs.  CPVC pipe, on the other hand, is rated to 200 degrees, so hot water isn’t an issue. CPVC pipe can be a cost effective alternative to other pipe materials when plumbing indoors.

Water isn’t the only thing PVC industrial plumbing pipe is capable of carrying. It’s often used for chemical lines in manufacturing and process applications. Schedule 40 pipe can withstand pressures up to 450 PSI (depending on size), and schedule 80 pipe up to 630 PSI (depending on size). It makes a cost-effective material to plumb a long list of liquid media used every day around the world.

Whether you use it as a process pipe, irrigation pipe, or residential plumbing pipe, Industrial Supply House is your source for both PVC and CPVC pipe. When comparing PVC pipe suppliers, consider these facts: Industrial Supply House (Commercial Industrial Supply) has been in business supplying industrial plastic pipe since 2009. That means we survived the recession and plan on being a PVC pipe supplier and CPVC pipe supplier for many years to come. We know the business, and can help work with you to lower your supply costs and increase your bottom line.

Both PVC and CPVC are thermoplastics, which makes them inherently good insulators. That helps to minimize condensation on the outside of the pipe in humid situations where other materials might bead water. Working with PVC is simple. It’s easy to cut with the proper tools, and joints are solvent cemented together. That means no physical labor with the pipe wrench, but it also means work must be done in a well-ventilated area.  Plastic pipes also weigh much less than similar metal pipes, so transportation is cheaper, and install is easier (especially on big jobs).

Do you want your pipe manufactured by a top PVC pipe company? Of course you do. As one of the leading wholesale PVC pipe suppliers, Industrial Supply House sells the top industrial PVC pipe brands, such as Spears Manufacturing, Georg Fischer, and Charlotte Pipe.  We’ve sold discount PVC pipe to customers all across the United States.

The years of experience our sales team brings to the table allows us to recommend the right pipe for your requirements. We supply Schedule 80 PVC pipe wholesale, in sizes ranging from ½ inch through 24 inches. We supply both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 CPVC pipe in the same size range. If you are tired of your local supplier jacking up prices, or just wondering where to buy PVC pipe at discount prices, you’ve come to the right place.

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