Wholesale Pipe Fittings

Schedule 80 PVC FittingsWhen your dad or grandpa ran pipes, they probably used copper or even lead. Today, you have other options such as using PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings, and CPVC pipes and CPVC pipe fittings. These are the white or gray plastic pipes that have become common place in plumbing today, and are the most common replacement for older metal pipes.

Although PVC and CPVC are similar, they should not be used interchangeably. Although both PVC fittings and CPVC fittings are very similar, CPVC fittings can be used for applications in which water will be more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. PVC should not be used to handle hot water or other hot liquids.

Another common use for plastic pipe fittings is in handling drain waste and vent systems (DWV). These pipes, which can purchased in sizes of up to 24”, provide an affordable way to vent and drain commercial buildings and has a different available sizes, ranging from 1/2” to 24”.

Industrial Supply House also has PVC duct pipe which is cost effective, especially when used in corrosive fume, exhaust, and air applications. These pipes, which can range from 2” to 60” are also light weight which makes them easy to maneuver and install. These wholesale PVC fittings are also corrosive resistant against chemicals, many fumes and gases, and different fluids.

Another benefit of the wholesale PVC pipe fittings we carry is that they come in a variety of joining options. They can be joined using solvent welding and threaded and mechanical connections that make joining pipe and fittings easy. We have two main pipe schedules to choose from in plastic pressure pipe, so you can choose which pipes will be best for your application. Industrial Supply House offers a great variety of discount PVC fittings.

IndustrialSupplyHouse.com also has Schedule 80 PVC fitting options for all sorts of uses. These pipes are light, flexible, and tough, and they have the kind of corrosive resistance our customers have come to expect. As with the Schedule 40 pipes and fittings, the Schedule 80 pipes and fittings are available in all sizes and configurations, so you can find the right pipe for your needs. The Schedule 80 PVC is usually gray and is more resistant to puncture and bursting than Schedule 40 materials.

Remember that when you get your materials from us, you’re dealing with a company that has been satisfying customers since 2009. We are able to offer discounts and wholesale prices to our commercial buyers, so when you need lots of PVC pipes and PVC fittings wholesale, we can satisfy your needs and requirements.

We can ship pipe all across the United States, and schedule delivery to suit your job’s time frame. You can count on us to satisfy your piping needs, not only with great service, but with the top brands in the industry. We have Lasco Fittings, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry, Georg Fischer, and Spears Manufacturing products. Give us a call or get an online quote today. Our sales team has been working in the pipe and fittings industry for years and has the expertise to satisfy your needs.